Jackson Crossing

Ravenswood, WV

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Quick Specs

Jackson Crossing

Ravenswood, West Virginia

Jackson Crossing is located in the Ravenswood, West Virginia at the crossroads of US Route 33 and US Interstate 77. This developer owned land can accommodate 100 flat acres. The Super 2 highway construction is complete and is now the fastest route between Columbus and Charleston.

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Maps & Site Plans

Lease Plan & Available Spaces

Development Opportunities

  • Site is above floodplain with favorable soil conditions.
    All utilities in place.

  • Site can accommodate 100 flats acres.

Parcels of Land:

Parcel A1: 7.96 AC
Parcel A2: 18.49 AC
Parcel A3: 61.01 AC
Parcel B1: 9.10 AC
Parcel B2: 7.68 AC
Parcel C1: 44.00 AC

Surrounding Area

  • Approximately 1 mile from Ravenswood’s Business District

  • 13 miles from Ripley

  • 21 miles from Pomeroy, Ohio

  • KS of WV (auto parts manufacturer) is on the adjacent property

  • Plastics companies/plants is the largest industry in Ravenswood

  • Largest employer is Constellium Aluminum

  • Carbonyx will locate in the industrial park in the near future

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